What Sets Us Apart

At Super Smiles, we’ve designed our Harrison dental office to be something extraordinary! We have a giant purple octopus on the roof of our building to welcome all patients to our office. When you first walk into our office, you will instantly be mesmerized by all the activities for the kids. You’ll walk into an aquatic-themed room with a roping jungle gym, a salt-water fish tank, and a pirate ship hanging from the ceiling!

When your child is brought back, he or she is greeted with a welcoming smile, and shown around. After your little one is comfortable, we explain the content of the visit and make sure the youngster understands what exactly we will be doing during the coming minutes. We find that informing our patients goes a long way toward reducing the fear of the unknown.

A small flat-screen TV is placed above each dental chair with a pair of headphones for each child to enjoy while getting the work done or waiting for the dental checkup. There are also flat screens in our X-ray and consult rooms. 

In addition to making the visual aspect of our office incredible, our goal is also to provide the best patient care possible. It is very important to us to meet the needs and desires of our patients. We put their needs above our own and do everything in our power to help them.

Each team member tries so hard to make every single patient feel special and heard. Every child who walks in our door means something to us, and because of the way we treat them, they know we are genuinely here to help them.

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